Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 15, 2009

A visit to Paris via Bombay

img_1904 Today I visited Paris….er, the Indian section of Paris…with some friends (pictured here). My friends needed to buy specific Indian spices and ingredients to make their favorite meals while they’re far away from home and I, never one to pass up a trip to Paris, came along for the ride. 

After visiting the Indian markets which pretty much consisted of me trying to make heads or tails of some of the fruits and spices in the stores, we had an amazing lunch at an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood around the Gare de Nord (the 10th arrondisement, I believe). We sipped on tea, ate with our hands, and devoured our plates….I felt like I was in Bombay all over again, except it was freezing outside!

I had a great time walking around the neighborhood with my friends, but what I took away from our trip most was the fact that I don’t really have a need to go to a faraway corner of Paris to find food from my culture.  Maybe I’m easy to please when it comes to food (I’ll eat anything!), but I don’t really feel like I have a specific food that I’m missing yet, and most American foods (yes, even peanut butter, you nay-sayers!) can be found in the local supermarkets here. C. and I even had brats and mustard for dinner tonight (yes, a meal of champions, I know). But I wonder if I’ll start craving some of my favorite Boston meals soon, like Emma’s #12 pizza or Fugayku’s rainbow roll.  Although pizza places are a dime a dozen here in Fonty and apparently there’s one sushi places here too, sometimes there really is no place like home….unless you can find a corner of Paris to satisfy your cravings 🙂


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