Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 12, 2009

Paris visit #1: Rodin museum and lunch



Yesterday, C. had his first day off from classes and school activities, so we took advantage of the time together and took the train to Paris for the day. Getting to Paris was easier than I had expected—we boarded the bus right in front of our apartment (after getting a baguette avec jamon et fromage for C. at the boulangerie next door) which took us to the train station in Avon. Then, we boarded a train and arrived at the Gare de Lyon in 40 minutes. Tres simple!

As soon as we arrived in Paris we took the metro to the Rodin museum which is in a fabulous neighborhood in the 7th arrondisement. The Rodin sculptures are in a huge chateau and also in the gardens surrounding the chateau. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed because there was so much snow and ice on the ground (remember, it snowed on Monday and still hasn’t melted!), but we had a great time visiting the inside part of the museum. Heck, I didn’t mind—it was warm! 

In the photo above, you can see one of Rodin’s sculptures of two right hands. He made many sculptures of hands—we don’t know quite why, even though we listened to the audioguides quite diligently, as you can see C. doing in the photo below as he looks at Rodin’s sculpture called The Call to Arms. 

img_1894Rodin submitted this sculpture as a monument to Paris in memory of the Franco-Prussian war, but surprisingly, it was rejected because the Parisians thought it was “too emotional” for the times. To me, it just seemed a bit too scary. Check out the angel’s face!

img_1896Then, in the photo below, you can see C. impersonating the famous Rodin scuplture, The Thinker ,which is a small sculpture here, but a much larger replica of it sits outside the museum in the garden. 

After the museum, we went on one of our Paris Walks through the 7th arrondisement which took us onto the Rue de Bac, a lovely street with many antique shops and cute stores selling housewares, jewelry, and other cute odds and ends. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for C.) all the shops were closed because it was a Sunday. So, instead of shopping, we made our way into a lovely organic cafe called Le Pan Quotidien. C. had a really yummy beef tartin and I had a fabulous leek soup de jour! The bread was amazing and they had yummy jams and spreads to put on the bread. We looked up the restaurant online and found out that it is a chain that originated in Brussels—there are about 15 in NYC (one right next to my sister’s apartment, apparently). So if you’re ever in the NYC area, look up this restaurant. I know, we’re not big chain restaurant frequenters either, but I promsie, you will not be disappointed!

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