Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 11, 2009

a forest walk



Yesterday, in the freezing cold, I took a walk with a few of the other partners (spouses of C.’s classmates) in the Fontainebleau forest. I had no idea that the town that we live in (which is very cosmopolitan and quite bustling) is completely surrounded by this beautiful and very expansive forest. The best part of the forest for me is that there are so many well-groomed trails in the woods to run on once the weather gets warmer. We started on a pretty flat trail, then, we veered off onto another trail that had us climb up a mountain (the end of which you see here in this photo).  The rocks were a bit slippery, but we managed fine.



At the top of the mountain, we saw a great view of Fontainebleau below, and INSEAD’s campus too. Unfortunately, it was a bit foggy and I’m not so great with my camera, so the photo here does not do the view much justice. But you can see buildings in the distance and that’s Fontainebleau, our home away from home.



Apparently there are tons of wild animals—boars, deer, etc. that roam the forest. The school that C. attends actually warns students with cars to watch out for wild boars on the road. I didn’t see any wild animals during my walk/hike luckily, and I hope I don’t run into any of them any time soon 🙂

You can see in this photo that the paths are well-marked, but very snowy still. It snowed on Monday (almost a week ago) and there’s still snow everywhere in town. It has just been so cold the past couple of days that the snow hasn’t had any chance to melt. But, I braved the weather and went on the walk. It was totally worth it! The forest was so peaceful and the views were amazing. Plus, there was a light at the end of the tunnel….at the end of the walk, we went to a great creperie in town and I treated myself to both a savory crepe with tomatoes and spinach inside AND a sweet crepe with caramel and pear.


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