Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 10, 2009

First visit to the market

baguettes at the marketYesterday, I visited the local market with a few of the other partners. It was freezing cold…I’m surprised the market was even open with the temperature in the single digits, but the french seem to be resilient. The photo here is of one of the bread stalls at the market. The last time I visited the market in October when C. and I were visiting here, we noticed that the bread was all gone by noontime. Today, however, there were a few baguettes left over. I’m still looking forward to the day when I can ride my bike down the street with a baguette in the basket—but first, I’d need to get a bike with a basket, I guess. 


hanging meat at the market Here is some hanging meat at the market. I wonder why they need to hang it. At other stalls, the sausages were just laid out in a container. Speaking of sausage, we made sausage and pasta for dinner the other night. The sausage was so tasty…I don’t know if I’ve ever had better tasting sausage in my life, and the best part was that it was only about 2 euro at the supermarket where we’ve been shopping which is right across the street from our apartment. 


vegetables at the marketHere are some vegetables at the market. The vegetables seem so big here compared to those in the States. Many of the other partners have been complaining that there’s not a lot of variety in the vegetable choices at the local supermarkets. It’s true…I’ve seen a lot of broccoli, leeks, huge radishes, and tomatoes, but not much else. I wonder if the selection will change as the seasons change. 


selling meat at the market Here is a butcher selling meat at one of the stalls in the market. As I was walking through town today (Saturday), I noticed so many people going into the small shops that sell only cheese or meat or bread, instead of going to the supermarkets. It’s exactly what I pictured French weekend life to be like…French people scurrying around to get their food for their weekend means, sans berets, that is.


cheese at the marketHere are some of the many, many types of cheese I saw at the market. I was so tempted to buy a quarter kilo or so and try it at home, but at the last minute I got nervous about using my French and backed out. We have bought some cheese, but at the supermarket. It’s quite good and surprisingly really inexpensive. One night this week, we were so tired from the day’s events at welcome week that we just had a baguette and some cheese (and wine of course) for dinner. It wasn’t the healthiest dinner, but it was French so we didn’t feel so bad 🙂


olives, sardines, etc.In this photo are some sardines and snails to make escargot with, I guess. There were so many small food products at the market that I had never seen before…different types of dried fruits, fish, etc. I tried to remember the names so that I could look them up later in my dictionary.



multicolored olives


And the last photo of the market is of a stall that only sold different types of olives. I couldn’t believe how many different types of olives they sold. This particular stall wasn’t so busy, but I’ll definitely be stopping by there sometime next week to by a few kilos of olives!



  1. Your pictures in this (and all) post are amazing. I am getting hungry reading about the fabulous market. The picture-a-day seems to be working out beautifully.

  2. A walk in the forest and MARKET DAY!! HEAVEN! What an incredible adventure. Enjoy every minute of it.

    I am enjoying your commentary. Maybe you can write a book while you are there.

  3. J’espère que tu apprends tous les noms aux fruits et légumes quand tu vas à la marche chaque weekend. J’aime regarder tes photos aussi!

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