Posted by: vlibrizzi | January 10, 2009

a visit to the chateau

After visiting the market yesterday, I visited the Fontainebleau Chateau with a few of the other partners. But first, we went to a local pizza place for lunch.

pizza with eggs and sausageHere is a photo of the pizza that one of my friends ordered. It has sausage and egg on it. Can you believe it? She seemed to really like it, but I don’t know if I could ever get used to having egg and sausage on a pizza…breakfast food on top of lunch food?  It seems strange.




entrance to chateau So after lunch, we entered the chateau from the main gate and walked to the visitor’s entrance to the right. Unfortunately, the winding horseshoe-shaped staircase in the front of this photo where Napoleon made his farewell speech before being exiled to the island of Elba, is not the main entrance for visitors to the chateau today. 




Speaking of Napoleon…here is the throne room where all the French kings (from as early as the 1200s when they first started using this chateau as their “country home”) would greet their guests. Napoleon used it too but had the room re-fitted to suit his tastes. You could tell because inside the long pillars next to the throne are two big letter “N”s. 

I have to admit that I expected the throne room to be quite a bit bigger. But maybe that’s my Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Disney-fied image of the way I though throne rooms would be. 


libraryThis is the library of the Chateau, but as you can tell it seems to be in disrepair. I have to admit, that compared to Versailles, this chateau is not very well maintained. It’s quite a shame because it is very beautiful, but the walls are cracking, there’s dust all over, and it doesn’t seem that the French government is putting to much money into repairing it. 

We couldn’t enter the library because it was roped off. The floors were cracking and there was plaster from the ceiling on the floor. I hope they work to restore it soon…it’s such a lovely room.



  1. Valerie, pizza with a fried egg (or two) on top is fantastic — you should definitely go for it! It is one of Stacey’s and my favorite things, both on “breakfast” pizzas and on more lunchy or dinnery ones. You break the yolk open and it makes a little sauce for the pizza. Magnifique!

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